Monday, July 19, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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wardrobe in dire straits

Well my work wardrobe at the very least is suffering from wear and tear. I think I have maybe 10 long sleeve shirts that I rotate every day with an occasional sleeveless top thrown in to give the illusion of an extensive work wardrobe.
Unfortunately, there are only so many combinations I can make... it would be so much easier if I worked at Temple Street because the workwear there is pretty casual plus there are some really good bargain fashion stores at the Chinatown market... selling very cool cargo pants at $26, and shirts at around that price too. Or maybe I'm just lazy to put on nipple stickers and trim my underarm hair to put on the sleeveless clothes. In any case, those nipple stickers aren't cheap too. $4.60 for a pack of maybe 4-5 pairs... I usually save them for special occasions like a night out with the girls or something.
Anyhow... tonite I resume my ba zi class after skipping 2 lessons straight when wen was in town. hopefully that will help get me back in the groove cos find myself a little less enthusiastic about learning it these days. Guess I'm a little daunted by the extent of knowledge I have yet to grasp.
o ya... today is Pei's birthday. And this weekend I'll be meeting my Crescent babes for a relaxing dinner to catch up on the latest development - Daphne's Wedding to Phil!!! Apparently tentative plans are for a simple UK wedding over Easter next year and then a simple sg church wedding in late august. In Daphne's words, it will be a "high crass" wedding hahaha...
alritey back to work. got a meeting to discuss the upcoming malaysia road show for arc products...


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