Thursday, July 22, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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"This office is pleased to inform you...

that it can begin to process your fiance(e) visa case. Please read and follow all of the enclosed instructions very carefully. When communicating with this office either by telephone or letter, please provide your name and case number exactly as shown in this letter.  ~ Chief, Immigrant Visa Branch (American Embassy)"
Date: 19 July 2004
Guess it is now my turn to hand in the documents and obtain the necessary evidence to complete the fiance visa application for me. First part of the work was done by Wen... the Petition. It's a loooooong list of To-Dos though. And at least four forms to fill in. All of which must be completed and sent in before they can even schedule an interview with me.
Let's see... I have to get
  1. Certified Birth Certificate
  2. Police Certificate
  3. Three Passport type Photographs
  4. Evidence of Support and/or Affidavit of Support
  5. Medical Examination
  6. Evidence of Relationship (to bring along to Interview)

Cost in total? Not sure yet but $180 for the visa alone $45 for the Police Certificate. Doesn't include Medical Examination and possible Vaccination fees. I will be documenting the entire process on my part so that others like me can maybe find this article if they do a search for "K1 Fiance Visa". I remember desperately googling for more information on the Fiance Visa at one stage, especially specific information for a Singaporean marrying a US Citizen.


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