Saturday, July 17, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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a quiet birthday

So 16 july was my birthday. Was it a good one? Not really. Considering how i am moving to the US, perhaps it would have been expected that it would be a memorable one spent with either close friends or family. Maybe even both. Unfortuantely my close friends were busy (either with Church or their significant other) Was it a bad one? Not necessarily either. Guess I am still very much an introvert in spite of being able to make friends relatively easily. I don't have trouble being by myself... and sometimes even prefer it that way. Perhaps it comes from being the eldest child where I had all the toys to myself for at least 3 years before I had to share them.
I was initially planning on having a simple dinner at home (gotta save money you see) then maybe walking dexter (get some much-needed exercise). But I found out that both my siblings weren't going to be home for dinner and it would just be me and my mum (Dad's away on business). I didn't feel like having an intimate dinner for two since the unresolved issues with the parents was still hanging in the air and I really did not want to deal with it on my birthday. So I quickly decided that I would have Japanese for dinner. I drove to GInza to buy sushi (15 % off from 16-18 July!), some Japanese-style fried oysters (10 for $7 instead of $7.80!) at Sakura Fish Mart instead of eating at their restaurant next door. Again, to save money while still having a good dinner. Then I went up to my room with the box of yummy sushi and set up the pc so I could watch Alias on the cd that Wen had recorded for me. Ended up watching episodes 18-22... till the Season Finale basically.

Sushi Dinner (at $22 after discount) consisted of: 

1 thick fat slice of salmon
1 thick fat slice of tuna
1 thick fat slice of something that looked like hamachi but was much less creamy
1 thick fat slice of kelp (white fish)
1 thick fat slice of scallop
1 thick fat slice of ama-ebi
1 slice of octopus (don't fancy octopus meat much)
1 salmon roe sushi
2 pieces of tamago
6 tuna maki

Somehow it didn't look as much in that box... I must have been reaaaally hungry cos I finished up everything. I think the sushi chef gave me extra thick slices too since he recognizes me and is always very helpful with recommending items whenever I visit the FIsh Mart. So yeah... I had a decent birthday cos if you know me at all, a good meal seldom fails to cheer me up. hehe... I ended up doing some cross-stitching while watching the remainder of Alias after I finished my meal.
Still have 2 packets of the Oysters to deep fry for lunch today and maybe on Sunday as well. Only 10 pieces per packet and will probably get Yati to fry up some vegetables and go without rice or noodles. All in all, I think Sakura Fish Mart is definitely one of my favorite places to shop. Wish I could find a place like this in San Fran - well, guess that would be the Japanese Supermarket at Kabuto (J-Town).
Alritey.. should probably get back to work...


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