Tuesday, July 27, 2004

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politics, well-done please

i'm not a policitally-inclined person. most of the time, i don't even know the names of world leaders and the schedule of political summits etc. not even of those in the neighboring countries. mention their names and i might get a sense of familiarity from hearing or reading the names here and there.

i'm not proud of it... i guess it's just something i'd like to be informed about but don't actually take pains to be informed. maybe it's the growing up in a politically stable country where the next leader is practically selected for you. over here, we're assured of uncorrupt leaders and elections are almost a farce since there's not much of an opposition to speak of.

anyhow... 2004 looks to be a really political year. quite a number of elections and changes in governments. oh and of cos the side-effects of the Iraq war continues. but that will hopefully be corrected in november when the scourge of all evil is removed.

closer to home, Taiwan chose their leader (and incurred the wrath of China in the process). Philippines chose theirs while Indonesia is right in the thick of making their own choice. So far, the trend has been for the current leader to win another term on a very slim margin. Look at chen shui bian... there was so much controversy about him winning in a highly suspect circumstance while the same can be said for arroyo as the opposition similarly asked for a recount. I hope that's not going to be the trend for the US though...

according to lillian too's latest issue of fengshuiworld, one of her associates boldly assured us that bush's chances (see his latest scheme to win the polls) in the november elections are pretty slim. that will be good news indeed for most of the world except for the deluded few who didn't like fahrenheit 9/11.

as for my country's new leader, it's not going to be a bed of roses when he takes over on 12 aug 2004 at approximately 8pm. after all, his father made multiple trips to taiwan without incurring China's wrath while he managed to do so even before he becomes the new PM. hopefully the fengshui master he relies on is an exceptional one because the one his father depended on is no longer alive. and he certainly needs all the help he can get. 


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