Wednesday, July 21, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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kaki fry

I think that's the japanese name of oyster fry.

Anyhow, yesterday yati cooked the second packet for mum, mel and my dinner (among other dishes). I wanted to be selfish n eat it all by myself but figured i should share since my family loves oysters in general. Well true to my expectations, mum loved it... and commented that it was very nice cos it was still juicy inside.

Yup! The oyster was still juicy inside even after being frozen and then deep fried. Is that amazing or what? Dip it in the very yummy japanese bbq sauce and the taste blends together perfectly. Guess now I got mum's approval to buy more of it for our family consumption hehe.

man just thinking about it now makes me want to drive out there today to buy more.... in fact if not for the fact that I have taiji class today and can't go home after, I just might do that. Especially since their similarly prepared and very yummy potato croquette is supposed to be available since yesterday. I've had at least TWO failed attempts to buy these croquettes... that's how popular they are. sigh...


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