Friday, July 23, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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immense satisfaction

tweaked my site today to coordinate the colors better, align them so the sidebar doesn't stick to the main posts, added some formatting and basically quite happy with my work so far. hehe...  think the colors look much better and really helps to make my site look more polished than before.

all these from copying the codes of other blogs and searching the net for codes. nothing new since i'm pretty sure the blogsters i based my research on did the same thing. =) the sense of satisfaction is probably a teensy weensy bit like how wen feels when he's done programming all those words and numbers and illogical words (what the heck does "a href" mean anyway?!) to see his final product. guess creating a website is very much like a piece of art. you put together a bunch of words in a seemingly disorderly fashion but the piece that comes out, if done well, looks polished and is a breeze to click through.

okie time to go back to the real world...


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