Monday, July 19, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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i give up...

on the book. It's a good book which I hope to read again some day... but right now I'm just so behind with the books I have to read. Got a couple of chinese ba zi books (one of which I've read a few pages of). Then there's a Fengshui magazine that my mum just bought for me. On top of that I have a couple of Ann Rice books back from the days before I started studying ba zi and was hooked on the Vampire Chronicles. Finally, my interest in reincarnation has been piqued and I'll probably be looking for these books to read when I'm done with the chinese ba zi books.
so yeah... definitely too much reading to handle right now. Open Heart Clear Mind is a very educational book and definitely something that helps one to improve one's personality traits and attitude towards life. Unfortunately I don't know if I can handle improving my personality to the point of attaining detachment just yet. So will stick to the first level of self-improvement for now as I foresee that taking a long time to perfect as it is. =P
alritey.... think my eyes are not doing too well from watching all that tv drama on the pc screen... hope my eyes dun suffer too much. =(
gonna go sleep now....


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