Wednesday, July 07, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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holidays can be exhausting

it's been a hectic few days since wen's arrival. haven't exactly been able to have quality time together cos i've had to work almost i've planned what little time we have together so well that we hardly have time to just do nothing. and i know wen likes doing nothing and getting more snuggle time...

i do too... but like i said in my heading, i am anything but bochup so it actually takes concentrated willpower to get myself to relax and do nothing. it's not that i can't relax but rather when i relax, most of the time i feel like the time is being wasted because we should be doing something more constructive. problem is... i don't always know what is more constructive. so i end up running around in circles making sure i'm not wasting time.

this bangkok trip is probably going to be quite tiring too because of the shopping we need to do... but hopefully we will be able to relax and have fun as well cos wen is leaving in less than a week. it will be good to be able to spend the entire day together instead of me being at work and only seeing him in the evening (with a jam packed schedule of activities like a movie or in today's case, only after my taiji class). we do have friday where we're supposed to be able to have that day to ourselves... told mum that my friend isn't free to meet us... so might just end up hanging out with her and grandma. but on second tots, maybe wen and i do need some alone time... BUT then again... i don't want to spend that day bumming in the hotel room when we've specially flown out to be in bangkok. hmmm... guess we shall see what are my parents' plans for friday and try to figure out what's best for us. oh... leona's going to be there too... =) so she could either give us some ideas or keep my mum and grandma company. perfect!

anyhow, can't wait for the break... will be nice to finally take the same plane as wen again... last time we did that, he was sending me back to singapore and had to take the trip back himself. this time will be a good one.... i miss sitting on the plane beside him.


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