Sunday, July 25, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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excessive carbon dioxide

Apparently that's the reason why mosquitoes are ALWAYS attracted to me when they are given a feast of various types of human blood. I.E. The mosquitoes have a heretofore unexplainable ("blood-too-sweet" bs doesn't sit well with me) attracttion to me and will zoom in on my tender flesh regardless of whether I'm sitting in a windy (damn you with the strong wings!) outdoor restaurant or sleeping in my air-conditioned (the windows and doors are closed for godsake!!!) room.

So I asked a taiji classmate of mine for a reason for my misery...
Me: Why do I always attract the mosquitoes? It doesn't matter how big the group, I almost always get all the mosquito bites. Whhyyy???
Sinseh-Trainee cum Taiji Classmate: Your blood's too sweet.
Me: Nooooo I need a scientific reason for this pain and misery...
Sinseh-Trainee cum Taiji Classmate: You give out too much carbon dioxide
Me: Nooooo I..... err what? *blank look*
Sinseh-Trainee cum Taiji Classmate: You give out too much carbon dioxide and it attracts the mosquitoes to you. So unless you don't breathe.... Some more... why are you wearing black!?! Mosquitoes like black color you know!!!
Me: yeah I heard they like black but I wasn't wearing black last night! I was wearing beige!
Sinseh-Trainee cum Taiji Classmate: Well that's (beige) even worse! You got to change your entire wardrobe to all white.
Me: wha....t...? errr ok... so I got to wear white and not breathe... *silence*
yeah I give up... there is just no scientific reason for mosquitoes being soooo deeply attracted to my blood....

Last night between 7pm to 10pm, mosquitoes feasted on one young female in her twenties at the Changi Sea Sports Center seafood restaurant. The restaurant was situated by the beach and the weather was windy with dark clouds and heavy drizzling. The victim was wearing a beige sleeveless top and green 3/4 pants. Among her group of friends include two females who were wearing black shirts and did not receive any mosquito bites (contrary to the color theory above). In spite of the strong gusts of wind, mosquitoes managed to land on the right wrist and left lower arm to take two deep shots of O+ blood mixed with a strong dose of carbon dioxide. The bites have swelled to epic proportions leading to numbness down the victim's right hand. A visit to the doctor has confirmed that the victim has exceptionally sensitive skin (which really confounds the victim by the way, because her skin is not sensitive to most other stuff such as detergent - a damn good reason to be excused from dishwashing!)


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