Monday, July 26, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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early morning call

So today i'm not quite sure what I need to rush for work... no particular deadline because the roadshow has been postponed yet again. And as for the luncheon at Salt restaurant, still waiting on rao to confirm the entree choices.

Sent melvin off this morning and crawled thru morning traffic with a lot of yawning and slight swerving. was sooo sleepy cos a friend I haven't talked to in a loooooooong time called up at 3:30am! apparently he found out that I was getting married and just had to call me immediately all the way from london. Yes! London! sigh.... well John Chan was kinda like an older bro to melissa, pauline, pamela and me back in the JC days. So it was good to hear from him... but probably much better if it wasn't 3:30 in the morning. Last I talked to him, he was planning to go China from Sydney where he studied and volunteered for the Sydney Olympics. Told him to email me so hopefully I'll find out what he's doing in London.

anyhow here's a list of stuff i need to get done:

  1. Call up US Embassy to clarify the schedule I have from now till arriving in US. We're planning for me to go in March 05 so not sure if that's feasible since we can't very well expect the US government to work their schedule around us. Sent email instead - July 27 2004
  2. Mail CD to Wen for John Jow
  3. Confirm Sample Note for 3rd Aug Luncheon
  4. Decide on place for high tea with Samantha this Sat (31 July)
  5. Call up Mr. Chew to request for readings with my Taiji Classmates & Instructor this Sun (1 Aug) July 26 2004


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