Friday, July 30, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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cyber olympics

with all the hype about the upcoming summer olympics in greece, it was interesting to read about the cyber olympics being hosted in singapore. interesting because one would never consider singapore a place to host the olympics typically... =D

as i was reading it, my first thought was that wen would probably find this article interesting since he said he was thinking of going into the gaming industry. my next thought was - melvin would probably find this interesting... he plays games so much... but then again, i've been bugging him to make this passion of his into something constructive (like studying related subjects) but it's never come to anything. it's quite sad really that mel is so bochup about everything. somehow our parents gave all the competitive genes to me and net and none was leftover for him. it annoys me to death bcos i know he's capable of so much more if only he'd put his heart into it... but oftentimes it seems like whenever something needs a little more effort from him, he decides its too much trouble. sigh...

oh well back to fun things... apparently the cyber games includes warcraft iii: frozen throne too! that should be fun... unfortunately... it's so dumb... cos this year it's in san franciso and next year it'll be in singapore! now.... if only singapore had won for this year's cyber olympics then next year wen and i could possibly check it out together in san francisco. dammit.... why can't the world work around my schedule!


At 10:12 AM, Blogger saens said...

hehe not sure if i could actually sit and watch other people play videogames, that brings couch potato to a whole new level


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