Tuesday, July 06, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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burger king

so i had burger king for dinner last night... it was one of my worst fast food meals ever.

i'm not a fast food fan in general but i do appreciate fast food for it's efficiency and taste sometimes. especially mos burger. it is the best fast food for me and i could probably eat that every other day if i had to. ok....maybe every week.

anyhow, the burger king meal last night was quite bad. I'm not sure if it's that particular outlet (at Marina Square) or just burger king in singapore. except for that time in 2003 when they had a Yam Pie new product, i haven't really been impressed by the quality of their food and new items. they should look at mcdonalds... Mcd is trying to make their menu more healthy and coming up with new takes on their burgers (the new cheeseburger with lettuce).

we ordered a mushroom swiss meal (they were out of 4 inch buns and had to swap it with a whopper size bun at wen's suggestion when they told us we could only choose out of 3 burgers. yes, wen's suggestion. sheesh...). we paid additional 40 cents to change from fries to onion rings that were tiny and hardly juicy at all. the sad thing was that the onion rings tasted better than the few pieces of fries that they happened to scoop into our onion ring pack together. soggy, tasteless fries... the chicken cheesesticks and a cheese thingy (new product that i doubt will last long on the menu) that looks like a non-spicy version of the jalapeno in the US turned out tasting nothing like chicken (for the chicken cheesesticks) nor were they cheesey enough! sigh

it was quite a sad night cos i was really looking forward to having a good dinner. unfortunately the mos burger at marina square is no longer there (not even KFC or Long John Silver for that matter!) so the food variety was pretty dismal. not quite sure how marina square is going to work out even with their extensive renovations. apparently alot of schools are being relocated there... which is not a bad idea if the schools have an international clientele OR or hospitality related since the building is basically surrounded by 3 to 4 hotels.

anyways...wish i had taken up my initial impulse thought of having a good dinner at margarita's last night... wanted to save money... but the feeling of spending money on a bad meal, however little, is just as bad as having a good meal but having to splurge a little more. At least in the later scenario, my taste buds and stomach don't suffer along with my wallet.


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