Friday, July 23, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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so today has been pretty easy... boring to be honest. ended up surfing the few blogs i've come across on the web. in particular, stef, geraldine, and miss rini.
quite interesting to see the comments and realise that these people keep in touch with their friends thru the blogs. something that i think is very useful in today's day and age where we may be miles apart or completely overwhelmed by the wheel of life to take time out for a cup of coffee. this way, u take some time out to read about your friend's latest escapade or emotional issue and even post a comment to show you care. and if the issue is huge enough, you can always pick up the phone and make a call cos the voice is always better than the cold pc screen.
i've been updating my blog and think i want to eventually share it with my friends. but then looking back at some of my posts... i don't know if it'll reveal too much of my dark side. heh... in my defense, love problems often cause one to lose their bearings for awhile.
i tried testing the water by asking sue if she'd be interested to start a blog since we were emailing each other like we didn't have anything better to do during one workday (ok... so we did have nothing better to do), but she said she didn't feel comfortable sharing her personal feelings on the net. besides she doesn't even have the desire to keep a physical diary. i could see her point cos wen's like that too. he doesn't really like to share about his personal feelings much and that was in fact something that bothered me alot since he wasn't updating his journal on our wedding site at all. but then i saw stef's hubby's blog and realised that... this is just typical man-behavior (mike hasn't updated since oct '03)! they don't like sharing very much... or at least they prefer video games to typing out words.  besides wen is always in front of the pc typing out words (coding) in his job as it is... so i should probably give him a break for not updating his journal as frequently. hehe
anyhow, i am still hoping to try and get some features fixed on my blog before i give the address to my crescent babes... maybe moving it to a paid service cos things like categorizing would be fantastic... otherwise i'd have to have a separate blog for the restaurants i want to keep tabs of.... lyrics i want to have easy access to... and of cos, recipes!!! not that i cook alot but i do like trying out new things, new recipes. oh and password protection on my blog would be sweet too... i guess some posts are too private to share and is mainly just my way of venting. i mean look at how the lack of privacy caused her to change her url.
alrite... hands getting too numb to type further... gotta rest.


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