Wednesday, July 14, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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think it means that if u have the fate to be together, u will be together even when miles apart.

guess with the visa being approved, it's another affirmation to wen and myself that we are finally going to cross the final hurdle soon before overcoming this long distance relationship. of cos... it's not going to be a rosey picture after i move over unless one can truly surivive on love alone. not me tho... i need my food. hehe but at least we will hopefully not have additional legal hassles to go through.

think wen and i have quite different personalities... that somehow kinda complement each other. sometimes i still find myself getting very frustrated when we argue and have completely different perspectives on stuff... but most times, the differences are resolved with us understanding each other a little more. altho i have to say i'm not quite sure i'm comfortable finding out more and more of wen's 'other' side. in some way, his sensitivity attracts me, but in others, i'm actually a little worried that he gets too in tune with his feminine side =P

anyways... it'll be another four months before we'll see each other again. That should be in late november for net's wedding and our photo shoot. really hoping that i'll be able to convert the miles from dad's card cos we're pretty strapped for cash as it is...

okie... tink it's time for lunch... woohooo!


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