Wednesday, July 07, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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the best bet

jack neo's latest movie featuring a betting system apparently invented in Singapore and Malaysia; the 4D.

i was laughing through most of the movie but at the end of it, the best bet was indeed a little too preachy. it almost felt like it had been fully funded by a church. the majority of the movie is set as part of a dream by Richard Low and the ending reveals that the dream is the consequence of if Richard were to be greedy and keep all the winnings for himself instead of sharing it with his two other friends. it is basically the only way the movie could have a happy ending (winnings are invested into setting up a restaurant with dishes named with 4D terminology) instead of spiraling into a dark movie of betrayal between three friends and a resulting broken family. that would have been quite unacceptable by jack neo's fans who are most familiar with his comedic variety shows on tv.

i must say the soundtrack is pretty funny and innovative though. typical mark lee compositions straight out of an ah-beng's mouth.

not sure if i'll get the dvd... but considering how i always try to support the far and few between movies coming out of singaporea... i probably will. =)


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