Friday, July 02, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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wen will be here in about 2 hours. i was planning on taking a nap before waking up at midnight. looks like i can still take a quick nap but will have to make sure i don't oversleep since i gotta be at the airport by 1:10am or so. =)

anyhow... have semi-cleared one suitcase that i can pack my stuff in for wen to bring over. still have stuff in there that i need to figure out where to keep in the meantime.

the funny thing is i still catch myself wondering if it's the right decision to move over. maybe because wen himself seems to be considering the idea of moving to singapore. plus finding out from friends in sf about ppl moving back... of cos there are people i've heard about who've moved to US recently. in fact i think i've heard of 2 singaporean ladies moving over from april and apparently april's already told them about me going over. haha...

sometimes i miss that independence and freedom to do anything i want. other times i know that i will miss the sense of belonging with my family and the familiarity of things I grew up with. at the end of the day... people change and move away and what is most important is having that one person whom you can change and move along with. someone who has the same goals and when he doesn't, is willing to talk about and find a common ground. i worry about the bad karma of leaving my family knowing that my parents will miss me terribly (and it's not being thickskin here... it's just the way parents feel about their children here in singapore. like the mother owl who's always protective... like the singapore government basically). i have to find a way to make up to my parents somehow... if not to improve my karma, at least to alleviate the guilt.

anyways... shoould proly go take a quick nap... got to wake up real early tomorrow morning for work too... o well, it's not a big deal cos i'll get to see wen soon. =)


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