Tuesday, June 08, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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research purposes

well i'm supposed to be writing a journal to track the events in my life for research purposes... to correlate with what i've been studying in ba zi and verify the trends. apparently, it's best if i write a daily journal for THREE years. Not sure if i have the stamina for it but it should be interesting to find out if there are any trends i should watch out for.

so here goes...

yesterday was a very tiring day mainly because of the menstrual cramps n heavy bleeding. apparently it was also 丁巳 day.

that's basically more unwanted fire for my strong earth. fortunately the 巳 combines with this year's 申 to form water, which is my favorable element.

丁 is my 偏印. That's good for my fengshui studies because it means resources for studying, especially in subjects that are not the norm. However, I wasn't really paying attention in class cos of all the cramps etc and couldn't wait to go home and sleep.

巳 is my travelling horse... well i guess i did drive to class. haha... it also contains the following:
正印 - more resources...
劫财 - competitor...
伤官 - aggressiveness (might explain the disagreement i had with my fiance that night)

okie... that's all for now... really need to pee and get back to work. in that order.


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