Monday, June 14, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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the One Pimple

yup... have that one pimple... the kind that isn't very big but feels like a huge sore just sitting there waiting to bloom into a shiny red spot. it's already kinda pinkish. it has strategically placed itself right on my jawline... so anytime my fingers accidentally brush against my jaw, i get a jolt of pain and alot of irritation.

wen says pimples around the mouth usually means too much heatiness... guess i need to eat more soupy stuff. i've been eating bitter melon pretty frequently. they're supposed to be one of nature's anti-oxidants. not sure why i'm having these pimples. sigh

anyhow, tonite i have ba zi class. i think i've definitely improved alot in terms of analysing a set of four pillars since i started taking an interest in aug/sept 03. it's interesting to see how characters can be explained thru 8 chinese words... of which there can be a total of 60 times of 4 sets of permutations.

okie think i better get back to work instead of rambling on... my manager is back in the office and his office is right behind my desk... looking over this screen. hehe...


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