Thursday, June 10, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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news today

read some interesting articles today...

1. Mystery-death man's wife in mental ward
- "Singapore police want to interview her about Air France manager's bloody death, but she's in a Budapest hospital." And apparently it's not just a hospital but a psychiatric ward.
- "In all probability, Madam Lix holds the key to the mysterious death of her husband of 11 years."
- Method of death: Mr Birembaut died of bleeding from two deep cuts on his left forearm, near the elbow. He held a blood-stained kitchen knife in his right hand. A glass containing a mixture of four sedatives, including Valium and Erimin, were found on a table close by. The other two were nitrazepam, available here on prescription, and glutethimide, not even registered in Singapore.
- Mr Birembaut was not prescribed the sedatives. His wife, on the other hand, was on Prozac, an anti-depressant.
- Many of their fights stemmed from Mr Birembaut's close friendship with a woman whom Madam Lix thought was having an affair with her husband, the investigators said.
===> Really sounds like a typical extreme 偏印 personality with a very paranoid mind. Guess I'm curious to know how the wife is doing and if that unidentified woman is really the person she suspects her husband was having an affair with. That would make her paranoia justified to an extent. But then again, why would the husband fly all the way to Singapore with this woman he married and knows has severe depression, and still stay married to her? He must love her right?
Or perhaps karmically he owed her something from his past life? I think Karma is one of the best ways to explain the mysteries of human relationships...

2. Japan prince wants changes for sake of wife's health
===> Guess the headline was interesting to me because when the Crown Prince married his wife, Masako, both were in their early thirties. There was alot of hype about how he would finally be able to continue the royal line. So it was good to kinda read the occasional follow-up on their lives. Princess Masako is very educated and many people were wondering then if she would be able to accept the conservative traditions of the palace. I think she should definitely be lauded for her efforts thus far and feel sorry for her shingles outbreak. My sister had shingles recently on her arm and it's NOT a pretty sight.

3. Who needs babies, we've got dogs
===> As much as i love dogs... i don't think i'd be happy with no kids.
Recently though, i told my sister that i like children up to the age of 10. That was during a house party my parents were throwing where all the neighboring families were invited. One family brought their four kids in tow and the 3 youngest was 12(girl), 9(girl) and 4(boy) i think. I got along pretty well with 4 and 9 yr old, especially the 9 yr old. The 4 yr old was really really cute looking but was ignoring my pathetic attempts to get his attention. The 12 yr old liked talking to me... but i thought she was kinda weird... i guess i should be more understanding... it's that age where u begin to think u're an adult but u really still think like a kid. so i told my sis... ideally, i would raise my kids till they're about 10, when they completely loose their adorable naivete and become problematic adolescents. Then I'd give them away... heh


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