Thursday, June 03, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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nasty experience with blogger

had the weirdest experience with a blogger from a food-related website, shiokd********.com. feel soooo 'wronged' by her hidden agenda of bad customer service suffered at my company when all i wanted to do was say hi on a personal level. how was i to know that in spite of mentioning my company on her blog, she actually had a bad experience once and has been going around crapping about my company?

weirdest of all, she seems to have a very set notion of what makes a good apology and what doesn't, is confused about business vs personal email accounts and what the nature of their content should be, and provides pretty bad customer service herself to readers of her website who just happened to be working in a company she bought some things from. (apparently she feels that an apology must contain certain words in a specific sentence structure. otherwise it is tantamount to justifying a mistake and not nearly close to being an apology.)

i'm thinking that to her, one less reader is not a big deal (cos she has "HUNDREDS" of emails to her a day, or so she says). so maybe she'll realise that in my company's case, one small non-industry buyer like her is also not a big deal. we've got indonesian tais tais and what not buying from us as much household stuff as a small restaurant. we really don't need customers who think too highly of themselves and contribute less than 0.0001% of our profit margin. ok so maybe i dunno how much she buys from us... but really, i don't give a damn. i can be as polite as she wants from my company's perspective but when i emailed her, i made it clear that it was out of personal curiosity. she had no business taking out her agenda for my company on me when she DECIDED to reply to my personal email address instead of my work email!

she was the one with a hidden agenda. and in her own words, behaved in "very bad taste" to say the least. so i've blocked her from my personal email. not gonna waste any more time replying to petty people with nothing better to do than to think up how apology letters should be written, word for word. she has my work email and she can email all she wants to that account. just really amazed at the kind of people one meets on the world wide web.

ok... that's my rant of the week. moral of the story, don't be too nice to people. not in person OR on the worldwideweb. unless u are truly bored. cos they may read the email wrongly and think they have the right to crap (AND SMEAR THE CRAP all over) your effort to be friendly.


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