Saturday, June 19, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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mosquitoes and diarrhoea

well... don't think mosquito bites cause diarrhoea... Just really need to gripe about the 3 humongous mosquito bites i got while napping for that 1 miserable hour. THREE!!!

one on my left thumb making it pretty stiff, one just under my left eye (yes, my face!) and one just above the right side of my lips (yes, my face again!!!). sigh... can't wait for melvin to come home so he can help to donate his blood a bit. hehe... anyhow, yati sprayed lots of insect repellant in my room and kept it closed while i was at dinner with my grandma... so hopefully that damn mosquito has been murdered. i would have preferred to squish down on it firmly with my fingers but don't think i have the dexterity needed to catch one of those monsters.

as for diarrhoea.. well i had a bad case of it while we were at IMM shopping in giant after dinner. don't think it's the pills i'm taking but don't know if it's food either since net n derek ate the same stuff as me since lunch today. fortunately it was only a one time case and my tummy seems to have settled down abit.

dinner was really yummy as usual. we had thai village at tuas and that was when i learned that the manager there had been promoted to the new thai village location at goodwood park hotel. May is an excellent hostess and she really makes you feel important as her customer. Plus she recognises me as my dad's daughter and would probably have given us 10% off. anyhow... we had braised shark's fin, braised fish maw, braised spinach with sea cucumber and abalone mushroom, baked duck feet and braised abalone rice... yup... a tad too much braised (and similar tasting) stuff but it was gooood all the same =D

tmrw's ba zi class at the office... hope david lee n mr chew are not gonna be too upset when we tell them that we'll be busy the following sunday at raymond lo's class... sigh... maybe i'll let irene do the talking heh..

alritey it's 1130 and think my tummy is not completely settled yet... gonna sleep now. nite!


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