Sunday, June 13, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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lazy sunday

so today 八字 class was cancelled cos irene 垃肚子. It was kinda last minute so hopefully david will be ok about it. master chew was very nice and said it wasn't a problem. personally, i was perfectly fine since it meant a more leisurely sunday. =)

after taiji we went to have breakfast at the market across the street. had pretty decent kueh chap. apparently it was a franchise called 古早人 which literarily translates into "ancient early people". The kueh chap soup base was just right and the chilli was excellent. we also shared a bowl of tender and huge fishball soup as well as a bowl of very pedas (spicy) mee soto. my mum had a bowl of mee tai mat fishball soup on her own as she wasn't feeling very well. all in all, my favorite kind of breakfast - good and cheap.

long after finishing our breakfast, we still sat there chatting. that is, mainly leona was chattering away cos she's like a solar powered mouth (and i mean it in a nice sense). she really makes a gathering lively the way she talks on and on about stuff. one thing i cany say, u'll never be bored around her... u might get tired cos she can talk non-stop... but u'll never be bored. hehe...

anyways, on our way back to the car... leona asked abt spikey... and we were again reminiscing about how smart a beagle he was... she mentioned that she has a fren who wants to give away a schnauzer... i'm kinda interested... but dun tink my family is keen... so sigh... plus i heard schnauzers need quite a bit of grooming unlike beagles. altho they make up for it by being way more intelligent hehe

okie guess i'll maybe watch the rest of the vcd for lesson 32 of 八字 class. at least that way feel like i'm working on my To Do list. hehe


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