Wednesday, June 30, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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it's been awhile

so many things to talk about...haven't had the time to enter a single post since leaving for penang. so here's my brief recap... really think all these help my memory cos i have a dismal rate of remembering events in the past except in situations where i felt somewhat wronged...heh

24 June @ Penang
checked into hotel all nervous about staying by myself after listening to leona's ghost stories. followed her tip about keeping everything in the room occupied with a t-shirt over the study chair and a pants over the armchair. also slept with the amulet she got for me that very morning from a temple. and with most of my lights on...and the tv music channel switched on through the night. had a really good dinner of hawker food similar to the taiwanese night market i visited with wen last time.

25 June @ Penang
sat in on david tan's presentation to the nurses in penang on arcoroc. he can talk off-the-cuff very well... then we did a brief kitchen walkthrough which was a great boost for my ego. i had been very nervous prior to the trip because i haven't actually done any walkthroughs by myself. fortunately david was able to walk through with me and more importantly, the ladies were all very respectful of my credentials. think they were impressed by my US connection in spite of my obvious youth and inexperience. =)
then we proceeded to drive around tiny penang... round and round looking for tau sar piah for my favorite brother (ok so he's my only brother). managed to finally find the world famous Him Heang Tau Sar Piah only after the Head Dietician, Ms Eileen Chan, of Gleneagles Medical Centre hopped into Mathews car to point out the place to us. it was verrry nice of her.
took the last flight out of singapore that evening and got home around 11pm.

26 June
Fengshui Part I from 10am to 6pm with Raymond Lo at the same hotel along east coast road. This class had many more younger students compared to the Four Pillars class I attended back in Jan this year. Unfortunately I also got the vibe that Master Lo seemed a little more arrogant and less affable than previously. Wonder if perhaps wood and fire makes him impatient (He's a Yin Water person).

27 June
Still Fengshui Part I... same time... so quite tiring cos one long day after another. Revising my flying star school of fengshui knowledge. Some stuff is quite different from what vincent teaches. for example...
1. take reading of building from the centre of the building. not from an individual unit. Meaning the individual unit takes the same birth chart as the entire building. Only difference is where each of the stars are located in that unit and how some floors are more auspicious than others depending on that particular block.
2. water theory is not relevant for buildings. only landed properties. therefore there is no need to identify the flow of 'water' from the lift landing to an individual unit.
3. a unit only changes age (eg from period 7 to period 8) if the roof is opened through for 100 days. this means that if an individual unit is renovated, it cannot change the age of the unit as it will still be the same as the entire building. UNLESS the entire building is significantly renovated.
4. a bad mountain star will die once u create activity in that area. in the same way, a bad water star will die once u keep the area quiet. therefore double stars are no-nos to raymond because he feels that you inevitably lose the effects of one or the other. according to vincent however, it is necessary to enhance and cure each individual mountain and water star.

yup...lots of random stuff like that. then had dinner with leona, stephen and melvin at the japanese yakiniku restaurant near boat/clark quay. it was very yummy... ended up grilling alot of stuff for mel cos his thumb was still hurt and he had to eat with fork and spoon *slight snickering*... think mel wants to have it operated on to speed up recovery.

28 June
ba zi classmate (zoe) said joey yap is pretty decent in spite of being over-priced. especially his xuankong teachings. so now i'm kinda tempted to learn from him but dun think i can afford the time right now anyways. i should probably do alot of my own reading up so i have a better foundation before taking the class. this way i can ask more complicated questions that won't be answered in the books.
anyhow... right now i just feel like everytime i climb over a hill feeling victorious about some new knowledge i've gained in bazi/fengshui, i see a bigger hill ahead and feel like a tiny ant again. this field of study really requires many years of sustained interest and learning. guess we shall see how long my interest in this topic is maintained...

o ya... saw master chew smoking... dunno why but didn't think he smoked and was a little disappointed to see him smoking.

TTFN (tata for now)


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