Friday, June 11, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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very frustrating... very frustrating indeed. I have so many ideas for my blog/website but i can't carry it out cos i don't even know how to cut and paste a simple link so i can have "unkymoods" on my page. dear if you are reading this, can u please please please teach me some html when u are visiting? my blog is sooooo boring looking right now. i can't even put my own profile up there... sniff. i don't know how...

anyways, am looking forward to watching harry potter tonite. it's been out for awhile and i've read every book cover to cover in very short sittings. so... definitely feel like i'd be able to spot any differences in the storyline hehe.

as for work... sad to say, haven't been productive at all today. that's bcos i went to a fellow blogger's site and discovered a link on creating yr own icon!!!! it is sooo amazingly fun! hehe... o well... will play with it more another day. should probably try to get SOME work done at least. sigh...


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