Thursday, June 24, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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free internet access @ Changi

woohooo!!! it's so fun to be able to use free stuff. got 8 more minutes to go before i'm timed out of it. plenty of time (i hope) to put up a quick post.

went to leona's place for lunch. her maid cooked potato with mushroom, dried shrimp, pandan leaf and rice. Called it potato rice. quite yummy and i was amazed by how soft the potato was just from cooking in the regular rice cooker. Then listened to Leona talk more abt her ghostly experience.... man that was bad... PLUS heard another story of a friend of hers whose fiance got possessed while out at punggol with the entire family (for seafood dinner). when he got home, he went straight to the kitchen and tried to kill leona's friend!! n when her family members restrained him, he took the knife and sliced a loooong line down his arm. the police thought it was a suicide case until he woke up completely clueless about how he got that thick fat scar running down his arm.

yeah... not a good way to start my trip where i'll be staying in a hotel room by myself heh... hell leona was visited by a ghost with her girlfriend sleeping right NEXT to her! luckily leona went to a temple this morning (to thank the Gods for her safe homecoming) and also got me a safety amulet. guess it will help to put my heart at ease. This month is also Wei (Yin Earth) month... got a nobleman for me... so should be ok =)

alritey... think my time is almost up. another 3 minutes n shld proly leave some time for this to upload.

looking forward to the penang trip and will proly be reading up on food safety notes to help me feel comfy about the kitchen walk through. haven't done a single one since... god knows when! well... definitely not since my internship in may 2003....


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