Saturday, June 19, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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family business

it's the weekend and i don't have any particular plans. had a pretty eventful weekday though. last night for example i met up with suzy and we had dinner plus yummy chocolate fondue at this max brenner's chocolate restaurant at the esplanade. it's quite dee-lish and there are still ALOT more chocolate stuff i can't wait to try on the menu hehe.

well... seems like net is planning to quit her job at kpmg in 4 mths or so... n probably join dad's company. i guess i still don't understand why she is almost shamelessly eager to work for sia huat because she hasn't had much previous work experience besides auditing. i love working in sia huat most of the time and it's not that i think she'll hate working in sia huat but rather that i thought she would want to get more work experience and prove herself first. sometimes it feels like she treats sia huat as an easy ticket to her livelihood instead of a company that she can continue to nurture and grow.

work experience and networking really makes a big difference. and here i mean networking that's not reliant on your father's reputation but on the relationships you have nurtured. take for example Rao (who's only 34 this year!)... he worked in raffles hotel after graduating from shatec...then he went to work for peter knipp and now he's in arc internationl. all very different fields. in raffles he organised banquet events... in peter knipp he wrote and organised media events... in arc international he represents a glass manufacturer from France. how diverse a portfolio he has... and how impressive his networking is. he knows the highest affluent person and the lowliest f&b assistant or waiter etc.... the scope of people he knows and the lobang he can get is something you cannot imagine just by meeting him. (He doesn't look very affluent and doesn't even own a car)

what net fails to understand is that once she enters sia huat... whatever networking she does will solely be on the name of our dad... people will look at her as CB's daughter for many many years to come and her networking may be restricted by the circle of people who already know Sia Huat/CB Tan and have preconceived notions of the owner. if however she enters some f&b related field... she might be able to ADD VALUE to the company with new networking contacts and relevant experience... and maybe even improve perceptions of sia huat when she eventually joins the company.

at the end of the day however... to each his/her own. i think/hope net should be able to prove herself in sia huat... and as for mel... i hope he understands the responsibility he has in continuing to build up this company that our dad and aunt built up with their 'blood and sweat'. i think mel has proven to be a good leader/follwer in his ncc activities. he just needs more worldly experience and to remain down-to-earth. =)

okie... enuff of my rambling... time to take a nice long nap... =) n chat with wen on the fone. taa


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