Monday, June 07, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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excitement building up

well well well... our opening is finally here. nothing auspicious with lion dance as i was hoping after all my fengshui studies... but exciting nevertheless cos of all the VIPs we're expecting. General managers and proprietors of food and beverage outlets all congregated under one roof.... ok maybe only 60 or so people congregated under one roof cos this was done pretty last minute and most VIPs have their schedules planned a month ahead of time.

back's kinda aching tho... don't think the chinese sinseh did ANYTHING to help improve my back from yesterday's torturous treatment. my back still feels sore... and now it's not only sore from fatigue, it's also sore cos my poor skin has been beaten so many times by the meat tenderizer. sniFF...

tonite got ba zi class and i still haven't finished watching the vcd of one class i missed. sigh... have been holding on to that vcd for the past 2 wks... shld probably return it asap but just can't find the energy and time to watch it.

alrite... gotta get back to work work


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