Thursday, June 17, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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damn unpretty

listening to this song now on class 95fm. somehow some songs just pull you back to a memory from years ago. in this case, it reminded me of the summer of '99. i was taking classes at san fran state and i remember hearing this song playing on the radio as i drove across sunset from the fillmore centre. i'd be singing to it... not sure why it left such a strong impression. maybe because i remember seeing the mtv and i don't see mtvs as often as i should (cos mtvs are quite interesting to watch to understand the story behind the song sometimes. esp when the lyrics aren't so clear.).

i remember the drive in my black used honda... the view of those pretty houses along the drive, stonestown mall, parking at the multi-storey. maybe it was because i'd just bought that car around then... and it felt good driving my own car and not relying on people to bring me around. holding the steering wheel and listening to any station i like.

well before you think that i don't have any opportunity to drive here... don't be mistaken. in fact over here, i have a choice of 3 different cars to drive - a nissan sunny, a honda crv and a S320. pretty good choices i would say...and all firsthand cars too! =)

take for example last night. i sent my parents to the airport and drove home on my own... and it felt good as always to be driving the S320. the ride is so smooth, you can barely feel any variation in speed. the steering wheel is so sensitive and flexible that you get a huge sense of satisfaction feeling it react to your tiniest direction.

well... guess i better get down to work =) was just wanting to comment on the good memories and sense of nostalgia that some songs bring back.


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