Monday, June 21, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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chop my nose off please...

sigh.. i am having a horrid cold... nostrils are not yet at the point where it's been dripping so much that the skin is peeling... but it's definitely getting there.

nose just won't stop sniffling... throat feels scratchy... eyes kinda blurry... definitely feels like i've been hit with the cold. been drinking as much water as i can... in fact was drinking lots last night already. guess it just didn't help much.

normally, i wouldn't mind being sick cos i could maybe take sick leave (of which i have lots since i don't normally fall sick) but i have a presentation to go to in penang on thurs/fri so can't really afford to be sick... and i mean definitely can't really fall sick. so this is quite bad timing. sigh...

okie got to get cracking on page 2 of next issue's newsletter. hope kris remembers to get everything ready in time for joseph.


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