Friday, June 04, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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chinese sinseh

so last night i went to see a chinese sinseh with my aunts and parents. it all began with a call from my ah-yi kathy, all excited about this miracle worker who could heal illnesses, enlarge your breasts and induce appetite loss. she was planning on bringing an aunt with problems conceiving for consultation and it ended up in a family excursion of 6 adults.

my dad went there only because my mum was going. he wasn't intending to get any healing since he feels perfectly healthy. i nearly didn't take the treatment because it involved ear acupuncture and also piercing the back with some kind of meat tenderizer-like contraption n then using a small glass bottle with fire to suck that area. depending on your health, you would either bleed alot or in worse situations, bleed dark red to black blood.

don't think i have the time to go into the individual treatments we received so just going to touch on my personal experience.

the doc told me i have menstrual cramps and also that I can't eat too much fried food. this i already knew from studying my four pillars. she proceeded to poke my ears with a needle about 10-15 times per ear. then covered the ear with cotton wool and used the 'meat tenderizer' to poke my back. the pain was obviously not as bad as i expected (it seldom is because fear tends to paint a scarier picture) but it was bad enough such that if i don't see any improvement after her standard 5 treatments, i'm definitely not continuing.

so anyhow... this morning after the treatment... my back does feel better! i'm pretty sure it's not just my imagination because the tension around the base of my neck is almost non-existent and my arms are not even the slightest bit numb after all these typing. hehe

think we're gonna try to go for a treatment this afternoon. me and my mum...


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