Friday, June 04, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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bone tired

drove down to bras basah to do some shopping for the pandan road showroom opening Cocktail Reception. ran up and down the four floors looking for paper, silver/gold ink pens and "With Compliments" gift cards for the VIP guests. finally completed all purchases with my last stop at raffles city's Cards N Such... (can't believe 1 teeny weeny gift card is $1 each!).

then had crepes with Rao from Arc. he's the guy who's been helping out with my wedding arrangements with Raffles Hotel. he has ALOT of connections and is definitely a foodie. anyhow, found out by accident that he's born in the dog year. really grateful for his assistance cos it'll probably guarantee excellent service and already he's told me that he managed to get better quality house wines at the same price. woohoo!

alright feeling much less sleepy now after my second daily dose of caffeine is just about absorbed into my blood hehe... neck still feels strained but hopefully some sleep tonite will help. have been sleeping pretty late (nearly midnight) the past few days. that's about 7 hours of sleep per day... not quite enough i think.

o ya!!! before i forget. guess what!? yati found my laptop! it disappeared from my house awhile before my May trip. she helped me to search for it back then but apparently, it didn't cross her mind that the laptop she tucked away in my brother's room is actually MINE! sigh... i'm just glad it wasn't stolen by some repairman or something.

back to caffeine-induced-productivity...


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