Monday, June 07, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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bloody weekend continued

i will never make a good nurse.
Not just because i have a terrible temper and can be quite impatient but mainly because i just don't like seeing blood. i can't say i feel faint at the sight of blood... but i definitely don't feel good... especially when the blood belongs to me. maybe it's the possessive side of me... but i just don't like the idea of bleeding. or maybe because for me, my monthly bleeding is often associated with bad cramps and overwhelming lethargy.

i will never look at a meat tenderizer the same way.
sunday was my worst treatment out of the three i've had so far under the hands of the chinese lady sinseh ('doctor' for those of you who don't understand singrish). i think she was maybe out to prove something because my mum and i were not quite sure if her past 2 treatments had been that effective. so she said she gave us a stronger dose this time. in our case, it meant harder thumps with the meat tenderizer from hell and a couple more jabs with that tiny but lethal knife she uses on the acupuncture points in our ears.
only relief for me was that she managed to sedate the almost paralysing pain i was suffering from one of my more severe cramps. haven't had such a bad cramp in a while where i was actually making soft moans while my dad was driving us there in the CRV.

all in all, too much bleeding for me...


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