Wednesday, June 09, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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yesterday was mainly running up and down trying to help out in the set up of our opening. sadly... the turnout was quite dismal considering that both my dad and david were calling most of the guests personally to get their rsvps. we even rushed to compile 50 sets of the catalogue for this event that barely even saw 50 guests. some guests even turned up AFTER the event... and most of us ended up going home way around 830pm even tho the function was supposed to have ended by 730pm.

then at the end of the day, while i was checking to make sure all the lights and a/c were turned off, i hurt the inside of my right thigh really badly by banging it against the back of a chair... incredible u think? well... i was trying to get down from the chair... and... i don't even know how i did it. was in very very bad pain and even this morning (as in right now), i am finding it somewhat painful to walk and sit.

8June: 戊午 day in 庚午 month
Month: 伤官, 偏印 and 比肩
Day: 劫财, 偏印 and 比肩. Think it was also my 羊刃. Day 伏吟 and clash with year pillar. wonder if my grandparents were ok... especially grandma.


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