Thursday, June 17, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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another tribute to spikey

It's hard not to miss spikey. especially when i'm alone at home with my parents away in shanghai on vacation and net spending most of her time at rek's place as she should (spend time with the in-laws). Times like this, a surrogate boyfriend is very much missed. The book I'm reading talks about attachment... avoiding it. But how can one not be attached to a beagle as adorable as spikey after spending so much time with him? sigh...

anyways, glad my parents get to spend time together on vacation cos my dad's constantly travelling for work. okie... really need to go to sleep...although i am pretty full from the yummy teochew dinner at liang kee restaurant. very good authentic teochew food according to leona =)

me trying to get spikey to show me a trick or two. Posted by Hello


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