Monday, May 24, 2004

our wedding anniversary
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post-trip quickie

back from san fran....
feels like a short trip but at the same time also feel quite out of touch with work. in fact, all i really wanna do is to go home n watch all those tapes i brought back of the shows wen recorded for me.
really really miss the hawker food so did not bother to watch my diet much for past few days.... including today. had FISH HEAD CURRY! mmmmmmmmm soooOOo good! plus the uncle knows exactly how i like it... with flat rice noodles instead of rice. =D
so considering my heavy lunch n jetlag... it's amazing i haven't already crashed my head onto the keyboard into a deep soundless sleep. maybe it was the refreshing lime juice i had with the curry that's keeping me awake. =D
well gotta try to get back into the groove of work as much as I really still am in a holiday mood. okie... back to work work


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